Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My blog had a makeover

Hi everyone, so you've probably noticed my blog has had a makeover! I began this blog when I was just 16 and I was definitely still in my pink stage, my blog is very personal to me and as I have grown up, I think my blog needs to as well .
My Grandad drew me the amazing portrait for my 18th birthday and I wanted to give it pride of place on my blog, so in the header it went :) I spent ages trying out different fonts for my blog name and settled on this really girly and fun one.
I've also changed the background, it's hard to see but it is little colourful moustaches, my writing has changed to purple :)
Last but not least I now have a few pages so you can get to know me and keep in contact really easily.
Thank you to you all for sticking with me through the blog makeover and I am so pleased with the outcome I can guarantee it won't be changing for a very long time. My style of writing and the kind of posts I write will not be changing :)


  1. It looks so cute with your grandpa's drawing

    1. It was my grandads drawing :) but thank you !!! :)

  2. love it! your grandad did a great job! :)
    xoxo ♥

  3. looks great!


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