Friday, 15 March 2013

Introducing New Talent; Fashion Illustrator

Very happy to be able to write my second new talent post. This time I want to introduce you to Destiney Powell from Poetically Illustrated who is a talented illustrator from America. We got in contact with each other awhile ago and she drew me this wonderful illustration which she took her inspiration from a picture of me on my blog.

So here's more about this talented illustrator;
Why did you start to blog?
I discovered fashion blogs when I was shopping online one day and I was immediately hooked. I wanted to know more and see more and to my surprise there was a whole world of bloggers with different styles and topics. So I thought to myself I have to be apart of this. I started my blog to share my fashion interest and inspiration and so far I feel good about it.
What got you interested in Illustration?
I have been drawing since I was two and my mind has always been all over the place and I have to get it out so I draw, it’s what I know. I watched my father draw and I picked up a style of my own very quickly.
What are you studying?
I am studying art and design at Mississippi State University with an emphasis in drawing.
What's your favourite illustration?
My illustrations are like my kids so it's hard to pick one, I am so proud of them all because they all have a part of me in them. But just to honour one I would have to say this one (picture below) which is entitled 'Who I'm Becoming'. I created this piece after I had my son and landed my first freelance clients, a lot was going on and I was becoming someone new.

What are your hopes for your future, career wise?

I plan to start my own illustration business or maybe I should say a design company in which I will hire artists and designers to work with me as well as other companies to create works for major labels and companies as well as works for ourselves and personal or private clients, this is my long term goal. My short term goal is to graduate and get a job in the creative field like illustrating children’s books or CD covers. I'm currently applying for mostly illustrative jobs.

The newest Illustration on Poetically Illustrated blog

I am sure you will all love Destineys work as much as I do so make sure to check out her blog Poetically Illustrated and follow her :)
If you have a fantastic talent and want me to feature you in my next New Talent post then leave a comment below or email me at Remember it can be anything that's suitable to take pictures of and upload on a family friendly blog! :)


  1. Very nice! I love how vivid her illustrations are :)

  2. The post looks amazing! Thank you!



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