Saturday, 20 October 2012

'Victoria's Secret' - New Bond Street , London

How exciting today I went to the new 'Victoria's Secret' store which has opened on New Bond Street, London, if like me you are confused with where the store is located get out at Bond Street station and turn right then turn right into the road where 'Next'; is and carry on walking down (hope this helps)! The store looks rather classy from the outside with the building being jet black and inside is an explosion of pink and all things girly!! As I walked in a really nice member of the staff greeted us and gave us a free bracelet wooo, they also allow you to take a picture which is a pleasant surprise as most stores are really strict about that. It's not just a Lingerie store but also a museum of all the famous outfits worn on their catwalks which are fabulous to look at! 

Ground floor has perfumes etc and some underwear, Downstairs is their 'Pink' range which features sleepwear and clothes too and then there are two more floors full of underwear and night wear.

I think it's a great store and a fun place to visit, very pricey though ! Apparently the dressing rooms are painted a hot pink as well which will be lovely to see :) Tell me if you've visited...


  1. Lovely post! I can't wait to pop in and visit the new store it looks fantastic!

    Emma x

  2. I have not visited yet.. but plan on having a look next time I am in London... which is soon! :) xxx

  3. Great blog!
    Would you like follow each other?
    Let me soon on my blog!

  4. Feels like heaven and I know you too felt the same. Awww. I couldnt imagine myself looking very close at the costumes worn in the runway.

    I followed your blog dear! Hope you check my blog too and maybe, you may want to follow back. HUGS!

    ~ Sweetstrings


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