Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fake Tattoos Review :)

I was so excited when the Fake Tattoos company got in contact with me to review some of their products, as I have always wanted to try them because they are becoming highly fashionable!  Their website is and they have become number one in Europe regarding temporary tattoos. They have some really pretty and subtle designs, as well as some quirky and ‘out there’ ones. The tattoos they sell can only be bought from their website and are easy to apply and each one has the instructions printed on the back, they last 3-10 days. They are even FDA tested and non-toxic so are great for even sensitive skin, like mine.
Fake Tattoos are really lovely people to buy from as they respond to your emails promptly and the tattoos are delivered really quickly.
Okay so on to my review, I didn’t choose the tattoos I was sent but was really happy with the ones I received! The Fake Tattoos were delivered in a hot pink envelope which is a lovely bonus for people  like me who love pink!!

I love the clover !!! The quote says; ' Summertime when the living is easy' and ' Feeling Hot Hot Hot'

I actually put this one on last but it's my favourite so I thought I would talk about it first !! It was really easy to put on and it's a great size for your wrist. As the clover has shading and therefore not all black it looks realistic and more artistic !

I placed the 'HOT HOT HOT' one on the side of my foot as I think it looks good with flip flops. This again was super easy to put on.

This was the first one I put on and actually the first fake tattoo I have ever used and I found it easy to put on. I did get a bit excited and pull the backing paper off a bit too fast though which meant the 'e' messed up a little bit but that's not the quality of the tattoo, just me being over-enthusiastic!

Okay so now it's your turn !!! Head on over to their website; and make your order :) and don't forget to do a post of the ones you get :)

Meanwhile why not follow them on Twitter; @fake_tattoos ?

Thanks for reading!


  1. The fake tattoos are good idea :) The clover is so beautiful :)

    1. Yes they are great right !!!! That's my fave too

  2. I love the first one! Great idea!
    Your blog is really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow each other, just let me know :) <3

    1. Yes I will check your out !! ahaha don't kknow about inspiring though...

  3. I love tatoos ! It's my hobbie ! :D

  4. I just posted about tattoos!



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