Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Lifestyle/ Beauty/ Winter Bath Time Essentials

There is nothing better after a long day than a soak in the tub! Here are a few of my Winter bath time essentials.

Shower Cap

This is definitely a necessity if you don't want to have to spend every night washing your hair and then every morning re-styling it! This one is perfect for Winter as it features Olaf and is in an icy blue shade, I picked it up from Pound Land.


I am not sure if this wonderful invention has a name but basically it's just a hairband made from flannel. This is a great alternative to a shower cap, if that's not your kind of thing. I also love using this everyday to keep my hair out of my face when washing it. I picked mine up in a pack of 2 for £1.50 from Primark.

Face Masks

If there ever was a time for a face mask, a relaxing bath is it! I have very sensitive skin so can't just pick dillydally. I like to buy these little packets of Origins face masks, they're 6 for £12.00 and you can get around 4 uses from each packet. I just re-cover the top with kitchen foil to keep it hygienic. My favourite masks are the 10 minute Out Of Trouble and Clear Improvements Charcoal mask. They truly make such a difference to the texture of my skin, so I highly recommend you give them a go.

Lush Shower Gel

Is it even a relaxing bath if it doesn't have a Lush product! I now associate Winter baths with Snow Fairy shower gel. This smells like all the fairies came to town and had the best party ever where everything was made from pink candy. It smells so yummy and definitely lingers.

Banana Shampoo 

To keep with the sweet scent of the Snow Fairy this Banana (and honey) shampoo from The Body Shop is a perfect match. You'll not only smell luscious but this shampoo is also really great for adding a healthy shine to your hair.

A Good Book!

A relaxing evening calls for a good book, I've just finished reading Bloom by Estee Lalonde and I can highly recommend it! I personally enjoy reading non-fiction in the bath as it's easy to dip in and out of chapters and to choose which sections to read.

I hope you enjoyed this Winter Bath Essentials post and now have some ideas of what to add to your bath routine to make it more relaxing.


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