Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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So after many years of asking, I finally got my room re-done! This is actually the first time I've had all matching furniture, as I normally would adopt the unwanted furniture from other peoples room. When I re-did my room I wanted to make sure that I had a practical and pretty place to do and store my make-up and this post is going to show you how I store my make-up, rather than my actual make-up collection.

The actual piece of furniture I store my make up on is a chest of drawers with 4 drawers. It's the perfect height to stand at and do my make-up. On the wall I have a large square mirror which matches nicely and is obviously an essential when it comes to applying my make-up! By making the top of my chest of drawers my vanity I am saving space in my room as I don't need a dressing table in addition.

Muji 5 narrow drawer

I keep the majority of my make-up in this 5 drawer storage unit. They are rather narrow but they fit compacts, lipsticks and quads easily, there is also enough depth in the drawers for long products such as mascaras. I separate drawers by product eg. eyeshadow,eyebrow, highlighter/contour, blush/powder and lipstick. As you can see my setting powder is too bulky to fit into a drawer so it hides around the corner!

On top of these drawers I keep my make-up mirror, a little unicorn which holds my beauty blenders and finally a mug which has all of my brushes in. As the drawers are acrylic and all the make up looks very colourful I wanted to keep the other things around it monochrome. 

On the other side of the unit I have a wide drawer storage box which houses all my base products. These generally have bulkier packaging so fit in this a lot better.

On top of this smaller box I place all of my perfumes. I think they look pretty out and luckily they all fit here!

Last but not least I use the first drawer of this chest to store my hair tools, nail varnish, skin care, hair things and make up palettes. I have used storage boxes to organise all of the products and make it easier to find things. I like being able to hide away some of the bulkier looking packaging and having all my getting ready products in the same place.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration on how to store your make up!

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  1. Great post, I love having a nosey at other people's makeup storage, so thanks for sharing x


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