Friday, 20 September 2013

Fickle Temporary Tattoos - review*

Fake tattoos were the thing I longed after as a child. Whenever we went away to a Spanish Island the kids had them all decorating their arms and legs. I remember spending my precious euro on one of those machines, where you twist the handle and a random stick on tattoo pops out. But gone are the days of Barbie and cartoon temporary tattoos, as now we have 'fickle tattoos'. I've wanted to find some more grown up fake tattoos for awhile as I personally think it's a fun thing to have and this company has some great designs.

Tattoos are in packs of two for £5* each

What makes Fickle tattoos so amazing are the talented designers behind them. As well as the fact that they are constantly updating their designs, so there is something that's current and cute ! The tattoos come in packs of 2 and cost £5. If you want to fool your friends/family into thinking you've had a tattoo, having two is definitely going to make them believe you ! As after the first ones coming off you can just apply the next. Just make sure you put it on the same place ! Of course you could have two the same at the same time or give one to a friend. They also have a few collections so you can buy 5 for £15.

My favourite of the selection I was given, is this lovely lucky horse ! With moving to university I felt like I needed some luck by my side so I took it one step further and quite literally applied some luck to my arm :)

The actual tattoo was really easy to apply, I just wet a flannel and then lightly pressed it against the paper backing. It slipped off revealing my fickle tattoo :)  Now the bit you're all been waiting for, how's the staying power Sophie? Well I found it lasted 7 days, by the 7th it was beginning to peel so using a body scrub I took it off. I think the longevity of it is amazing, I've never used one before which lasted nearly this long.
I've just applied the 'Sleep Solves Most Things' to my foot and I will let you know how long that one lasts in the next few weeks :)
Make sure to check out fickle tattoo HERE and let me know which are your favourite designs/types of tattoos.


  1. This I really want, it's so cool and I love the designs. It's also really great to give as a present! x

    1. Oh great, I am really pleased you like the look of them and thanks for reading my post :)


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