Wednesday, 26 June 2013

MoneySupermarket 'Night In'

I was very excited when I received an email from MoneySupermarket to take part in their Night in event. They've realized just how expensive it is to go on a night out, so wanted a number of bloggers to come up with ideas on how we'd create a great evening in, with the help of £50. I was so excited and had ideas whizzing around my head but after calculating all my ideas I realized that even staying in can cost you quite a bit !

My plan was to hold a 'homecoming' picnic in the garden for my brother, but when the day came for my 'night in' it rained :( So it soon became an inside late afternoon tea party - it then grew from a 'homecoming' party to a 'congratulations' party because I got my BTEC results through and I received the highest grades possible, 3 starred Distinctions !
To get ready for my night in I had gone to Tesco and the Poundland to get everything I needed to make and decorate fairy cakes and chocolate cookies. I also bought things to decorate the tables and a yummy soft drink as well as a huuuuuuuugggggggeeee bag of individually wrapped jelly beans !
At the start of Summer I decided that I wanted to learn how to bake, so I used this experience to do just that ! I made vanilla fairy cakes and then I made chocolate butter icing, which was delicious. I piped my butter icing (something I've never done before, and managed to split the bag on both sides, which resulted in a huge mess but a lot of laughing) I also bought glitter food spray which my brother had a bit too much fun with !
I also made chocolate cookies, which is from a family recipe, they were really yummy too and again my brother attacked them with the glitter food spray !!

I had a lot of fun taking part with MoneySupermarket and I am pleased I finally got baking :) And I just like to say my name's Sophie and now I'm feeling epic.



  1. How have I only just seen this?! The cupcakes look awesome! (You can never overdo it on the glitter spray)x

    1. heyyy - thanks !!! I am pleased you like the look of them :) I liked the glitter spray too


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