Friday, 3 May 2013

My name's Vogue, Miss Vogue...

Today I am introducing you to a new magazine which is joining the Vogue family... I know very exciting!

I have been subscribed to Vogue for nearly two years now and I religiously buy Teen Vogue every month. So my purse was shaking with fear excited about the arrival of Miss Vogue.
So for those of you who are unsure, Vogue is the original fashion bible that I am sure most of you like to flick through to lust over things which are unlikely ever to be yours. Teen Vogue is Americans answer to the fashion conscious teenager. I love it; it has about the trends, models and celebrities and also pages about teenage related things. It's a fantastic magazine and I think a great idea the only thing is it's American so I can never buy any of the things, the adverts are for things over there which are yet to be released here and I can't subscribe to it here.
So my saviour Miss Vogue has arrived. It's basically the same as Teen Vogue, but English. I am unsure what the price will be yet as I was sent this one in the post and it doesn't have the price on it and I am also unsure when it will be available to buy. I think it's a really cute name and it promises great things!

Oh, and just to make things cooler Topshop now have a hoody and vest which have 'Miss Vogue' written on them.

Let me know if you received this too and what you think about this magazine! I also thought Harper Bazaar was releasing a teen one but I've never seen it sold :(

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  1. My mom told me this months ago and now I am so excited! Yay!
    I hope I'll find it somewhere here in Belgium. x


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