Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Dream Xmas Day Outfit......

It's getting closer to Xmas by the second (obvs) and I am loving all of the new products in store expecially in my two favourite places to shop, Topshop and Asos! Here is my dream outfit for Xmas day......


Sleeveless coat, Topshop, £110
Leather studded shoes, Asos, £50
Lazy Oaf hat, Asos, £20
Oversized white T-shirt, Topshop, £16
Black leather skirt, Topshop, £38
Henry Holland Tights, Topshop, £15
Cloud ring, Topshop, £25
Watermelon watch, Asos, £25
Black leather satchel, Asos, £199
Firstly I think this would make the cutest outfit especially with the small splashes of colour ! I love love love this watermelon watch , if you are thinking 'watermelon? that's random' then please go and watch 'Dirty Dancing' NOW ! These tights are also amazing, as are most of the House of Holand designs. I am also really into subtle silver rings and this cloud is perfect !!!! I want to add this all to my Xmas wish list pronto !!

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