Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Review / Benefit Mascara Comparison

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile but kept forgetting to take the pictures when I had all three mascaras and recently got another 'They're Real' and knew it was the time to get this written for y'all! So packaging wise these are all in the travel sized tubes, the full size products have different packaging and do look very different from each other. In all the links below I shall link you to the full sized products so you can quickly and easily have a look.

 Benefit Bad gal Lash £17.50 LINK

This was the first mascara I used, I remember helping my mummy with the supermarket shop and lingering around the magazines hinting that it would be beneficial for me to get one. Then sneakily picking the one with make-up in as I was always wanting to wear make up when I was younger but obviously wasn't allowed. So this was one of my very first make up products. The brush is very thick and it's the fluffier type. It applies well, leaving no clumps but I am not impressed with the end result. It doesn't add any volume or length to my lashes but just coats them. If you have luxurious long lashes then this is fabulous for you but mine are quite short/ not all the same length so this doesn't help with opening and brightening my eyes. On the plus side as it's a soft brush if you're new to mascara this doesn't hurt as much if you poke your eye a litte, not that I recommend poking your eye!

 Benefit They're Real £19.50 LINK

Firstly price wise, I do think all of their mascaras should be the same price, not sure why this one is pricier. I love this mascara, I have gone through countless amounts of this beautiful stuff! It applies really well, without any clumps. Whilst coating my lashes it also manages to lengthen them, it's witchcraft I tell you. People actually mention my lashes and ask if they are mine and how lucky I am to have long lashes, they have no idea.... mwahahaha. This mascara also introduced me to plastic wands and I was nervous to use it but it's amazing and I do now stick to this style of wand.

Benefit Roller Lash £19.50 LINK

This is their newest mascara and I think it's a really fantastic concept, merging the two steps of curling your lashes and then applying mascara into one. In practise it's just as good as it sounds! It really does hold the curl in your lashes and creates a brightening awake look. I've been using this over a coat of the 'They're Real' mascara so I get the length and then also the added effect of a curl, just work fast so the mascara doesn't dry in between as then it ends up a huge mess!

I'd love to know which of these mascaras is your favourite and hopefully if you haven't tried any of them before this gave you more idea on what each is like!


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