Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Lifestyle | A practical guide to packing your suitcase for vacation

Before I've even booked the holiday I've mentally packed for it and once I have actually booked it the physical packing begins, no matter how far in advance I've payed for the holiday! So as someone who genuinely enjoys packing and finds it an exciting activity I thought I'd share with you my many tips!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

If you're someone who hates the thought of having to pack up your life to go away then you're also probably the same person who puts it off and frantically packs the night before. This is a recipe for disaster! Firstly you're going to chuck in so many random things that a. they won't even match so b. will probably not even be worn! Lastly, you are taking a situation which you don't really like and proving to yourself the reason you don't like it, if you take the time to plan and then slowly pack in a civilised manner you'll find the entire process a lot more fun and relaxing!

Write it down

The first step to packing a suitcase/bag for me always starts with sitting at my desk with an abundance of coloured gel pens, a pretty notebook and a cuppa. I then will write down the dates of my holiday so I can clearly see how long I am away and finally what I need to dress for eg. swimming, outings, smart dinners etc. Once I decide what I'll bring then I also write that on the same page.

Shop your wardrobe

The easiest way to decide on outfits to take is to actually look at your clothes! Take your time to re-introduce yourself to your Summer wardrobe and the pieces that only seem to make an appearance when you're on holiday! Then see what you can wear multiple times in different ways so you don't have to pack too many things.

Go to list

After you've done this a few times you can scan back in your notebook and soon you'll see a pattern on what you like to pack every time eg. washbag / make up bag/ chargers / sunglasses / book etc which really speeds up the process for your next holiday!

Lay everything out on your bed and take 5 away

If you find you're someone who over packs and you know you always end up bringing things back home unworn, lay everything out on your bed so you can see it all easily and then take away 5 items. This may seem difficult but it will show you that you don't really need 5 swim costumes for a weeks holiday, or 7 pairs of shorts for a two week break and you can wear things more than once and style them differently. I would at this point recommend over-packing on underwear as you do tend to shower a lot on holiday and change your clothes multiple times in a day!

Think small

I am very proud to say I can easily pack for a week long holiday in a carry on suitcase, mainly because of the above steps, but also because of how I physically pack;

  1. Stuff your shoes with underwear, pop each shoe in a plastic bag and place where the wheels of the suitcase are.
  2. Put your wash-bag in a plastic bag and again place near the wheels.
  3. Any thicker clothes e.g. jeans which can't be rolled, fold in thirds and put at the bottom
  4. Roll your other clothes (individually) and put on top of the jeans
  5. Finally leave your chunkiest item e.g. jumper/coat/towel and cover the entire top of the suitcase with it. This works well if your suitcase magically pops open whilst travelling as your items won't fall out! It also means your items are compact and won't move around which is perfect if you're packing anything fragile. 

I hope you're enjoying this mini packing series and seeing what I've packed for my most recent trip away!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Lifestyle | Packing Must Haves

I'm back again with another packing post and this time I wanted to share some must have items to include/use when packing.

I came across this pink bra pouch and I think it's a genius idea, its a soft small pouch which is big enough to hold money, credit cards and even a key. It connects to either the middle or side of your bra and wouldn't be noticeable under a baggy top/ jumper. It's a brilliant way to keep your personal belongings literally close to your heart, although I guess you'd have to be quite strategic with getting your money out so you don't flash everyone!

Next up is another great invention, a collapsible water bottle , I think this one is particularly great because it's most similar to a normal bottle. 

If you're carrying liquids on a flight then clear bags are a must have and instead of frantically unpacking your makeup etc into the plastic bags they have at the airport just go prepared with these TSA approved clear bags.

A great way to pack is to use packing cubes, they make your suitcase a lot more organised, it's also a lot easier to unpack when you arrive to your destination and I think it's just more hygienic than having your shoes touch your clothes etc.

Luggage tags are a must when travelling and I'm sure you've already got one attached to your suitcase, however, I think a lot of people forget to pop one on their handbags / rucksacks, so here's your reminder!

This one may come as a surprise but I always pack washie tape! I use this to tape down the lids on my toiletries so there's no leaks in my bag, I use washie tape as it peels off easily and you don't need scissors to cut it off.

Using bright luggage straps are the best way to quickly recognise your luggage and they're also practical as you can a. lock them for extra security and b. if your zip breaks this will keep your suitcase shut.

Last but not least lock your suitcase and rucksacks with TSA approved padlocks to keep all your things safe.

My finally suggestion would be to buy a bright and ugly suitcase so it stands out when you're collecting your luggage and deters people from touching it! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful for your future packing!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Beauty | Essie Nail Varnish Collection

It's been a good few years since I've shared my nail varnish collection and the huge cake tins filled to the brim are no longer with us! I now have a new minimal nail varnish collection which I store in an acrylic holder which was from Poundland! I am sure as time goes on I'll probably end up buying another of the holders and adding to the collection but I am trying to use my polishes up and not let them get dry so at the moment it's a one-in-one-out situation!

As I am sure you've noticed all of my nail varnishes are from Essie. I've tried a lot of brands and love their formulation, colour choice, brushes, packaging and the fact that they're often 3 for 2 in Boots.


ballet slippers


go ginza
lovie dovie


meet me at sunset
aim to misbehave
fall for nyc


mint candy apple
lapiz of luxury


cocktail bling
haute tub

Top Coat

gel setter

My newest addition was the yellow polish and that was hard to find as they aren't selling that in drugstores anymore so I found that one on Amazon and the small bottle was a free gift with purchase. All of the other polishes are still being sold in store so will be easy for you to find!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it gave you some nail varnish inspiration