Sunday, 18 March 2018

Lifestyle | What I've packed for Disneyland Paris March 2018

I'M GOING TO DISNEY ( and I've been counting down for this moment for the last 6 months). I am beyond excited to be going again as I haven't been for about 5 years and I am also going with my boyfriend and since we started going out we've wanted to go together! It truly is the most magical place in the world and everything from the rides to the snacks makes me smile!

When it comes to packing I want to be sensible and only pack things I know I'll need,  as firstly I want a little bit of space for shopping and secondly we are going by train so will have to carry our luggage for most of the journey. I've also taken the cold weather into consideration, if only Paris could have Florida's sun! For a reference for what to pack for your Disney holiday I am going for 5 days in a colder than normal March!

 Mickey and Friends Sweatshirt £8 - Primark | Mickey Baseball Sweatshirt £10 - Primark | Mickey Sweatshirt £8 - Primark | Minnie Hat - Primark | Mickey Tights £2 - Primark | Mickey Plimsoles - Primark | Mickey PJs - Undies | Minnie onesie - Primark |

So as it's a Disney holiday, Disney attire was of course required! As it's still cold I'll be wearing a sweatshirt in the park everyday, so I didn't purchase any Disney T-Shirts. I've also got some very cute tights with Mickeys face all over them, denim plimsoles with the same print, a Minnie Mouse sun hat which I got for my last trip to Disney World and finally two sets of Mickey and Minnie themed PJs.

Trainers - Adidas | Denim Pinafore - Primark | Skinny Jeans - Topshop | Denim Jumpsuit - Zara |

Then I have chosen three bases for my outfits, denim pinafore, skinny jeans and denim jumpsuit. The pinafore is being warn for the day we go to the Western dinner show, the skinny jeans are being worn for 2 days at the park and the denim jumpsuit is being warn for the two travelling days as it's so comfortable! I am also travelling in Adidas Superstar trainers as they're really comfy and will be perfect for walking around the parks, if the Disney plimsoles aren't as easy to walk in as I am hoping!

 Swimming Costume - Marks and Spencer | Navy Stripe Top £4 - Primark | Denim Shirt - Primark | Frilly Striped T-Shirt - Zara | Coloured Striped Top - Monki |

Next up I am packing a swimming costume as our hotel has an indoor pool. Then I am packing 4 tops, 1 shirt for the Western dinner show, 2 long sleeve striped tops and 1 T-Shirt incase it's suddenly hot! I am also travelling in a red and white striped top!

Wash bag - Kipling | Makeup Bag - Asos |

I am also packing a wash bag and a make-up bag and of course underwear! I hope the post was helpful and interesting and has given you some ideas of what to pack for your DisneyLand Paris holiday.

The rest of my things will be packed in my hand luggage bag, so keep your eyes peeled for my next post sharing that (p.s it's a crazy cute Cath Kidston X Disney bag) !!


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lifestyle | Glamour Beauty Festival 2018

Ever since going to the 2017 Glamour Beauty Festival I had been eagerly awaiting this years festival to be announced and as soon as the tickets were released I treated myself! 

I didn't take any pictures whilst at the event as I wanted to enjoy it and just have a mooch but I thought I'd share a little about the day if any of you were thinking about going to it next year. This year the festival was on from Friday - Sunday and you could get tickets for either the morning slot, afternoon slot or the entire day. I went on Saturday 10th March and chose the morning slot (9:30 - 1:30), I'd advise aiming to get to the venue for 9am so that you're near the front of the queue so when you get inside you don't have a huge line for whatever you choose to do first! I think that half a day is plenty of time to look around the entire festival and listen to 2 talks, I do hope that next year there will be more stands. I also went alone, like I did last year, as I liked having the freedom of wandering around and doing everything I wanted to when I wanted too, although it is nice to have someone to chat to and take pictures with etc.

They had nail, hair, skincare, beauty and wellness stations. First up I went and had my hair braided, then I had a skin consultation, I picked out a goody bag from Look Fantastic, I went to talks about well being and makeup and finally I picked up the amazing Glamour goody bag (worth £180) which was included in the ticket. 

Glamour Goody Bag, Look Fantastic Goody Bag & Caudalie purchases

I am so excited to try all of these amazing beauty and skincare bits and bobs! I bought the Caudalie Detox Face Mask as I've gone through a few samples of this and it agrees with my skin and the Beauty Elixir mist after hearing fantastic things about it in the Wellness talk. Keep posted as I am sure I'll be reviewing some of the products soon!

I had a fantastic day and I am pleased that this year I made the most of the talks and I enjoyed mooching around and being introduced to new products. Roll on Glamour Beauty Festival 2019!


Sunday, 11 March 2018

Lifestyle | 22 things my mums taught me so far!

I thought seeing as it's Mother's Day it would be apt to dedicate this blog post to my mummy and after having a little think of what post I could write I decided to think back to all of the things she's taught me in my 22 years of existence, so here goes!

It's a small world so treat everyone with respect from the door man to the CEO!

Smile even if you're feeling crappy, it will boost your mood and make it easier for others to approach you.

Don't wear all black (Don't know why exactly, but she really doesn't like me in all black)

Don't spend all day sitting inside, try and go for a walk!

Sun cream should be applied at least 10 minutes before going outside to make it beneficial

Take your make-up off properly every night, without staining the towels!

Table manners are of the utmost importance

Always eat what your host has cooked, even if you don't like it, then next time just arrange to meet at a restaurant instead haha

Don't touch your face

Try to forgive and not hold a grudge

Spelling is important (nervously hopes there aren't any spelling mistakes in this post)

Be a go-getter, there's no point talking about something and never actually doing it!

Be loyal to your family and friends and stick up for them

Be proud when your brother achieves and never be envious of him

When shopping, always take the product from the back

Take your jacket off when you go inside or you won't feel the benefit when you go back outside

Sometimes you have to toot your own horn and be proud of what you've accomplished

Always carry an emergency snack

Save your money and live within your income

Be honest, lies catch up on you and will bite you in the bottom!

Don't change yourself for others

A warm bath and a glass of water will fix almost every illness

There are 22 stand out peices of advice my mummy has given me and now you're luck enough to hear them too! I hope you enjoyed reading this and Happy Mothers day to my fabulous supportive mummy.