Sunday, 20 May 2018

LIFESTYLE | 5 steps to a stress free interview

Applying for a job isn't easy, you've spent ages writing your CV, perfecting your Linkdin and then days upon days scrolling through the internet followed by hours of applications. After what seems like years you've finally been invited to a job interview, so now it's time to start prepping and here's my advise.

Plan the Journey

The number one thing to do after being called for an interview is to check the journey! Make sure you know where you're meeting and that you can get there for the correct time.

Research the Company

This may sound like an obvious one but it's a good idea to research the company that you're applying for. You probably know a bit anyway as you obviously have an interest in them to have applied, but it never hurts to have a quick scroll through their website and see if there's anything important about them in the news recently. I don't think it's a good idea to learn their history off by heart as that will come across far to rehearsed and even a tad creepy!

Dress to impress

I am a great believer that your outfit can make or break your chances of gaining a job. This doesn't mean that you need to go out and buy a new outfit or be in this seasons clothes, but you need to dress professionally and look clean and tidy. Always dress for the fact you're going to an interview, it doesn't matter if this place of work allows jeans, you don't work there yet and you should dress smartly. I like to wear something I am comfortable in but also makes me memorable, I usually do this by adding a pop of colour with a shoe or a top. I'd also recommend carrying as little as possible so you're not balancing tons of things and trying to shake the interviewers hand.  

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

To an extent you can guess some of the questions which will be asked, check out this list of 10 most common interview questions HERE. You can have a think what your answers will be and have a few key words ready, I recommend that you DON'T rehearse your entire answers as it will be very obvious and you'll come across much more relaxed to reply in a chatty manner. One last thing, silence isn't a bad thing, if you get a question you weren't expecting just take a moment to think about your answer and then talk when you're ready to!

Think of some questions

Have a think before you go if there are any questions you'd want to ask, it's okay to have these jotted down. A few questions I like to know about companies when applying to work there are, how do they enjoy working there?, what will my hours be like? and is there progression within the company? 

So there are all my interview preparation tips! I hope you find them helpful and that they'll make your interview a stress free occasion!


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Beauty | Mac Nude Lipstick Collection

Since the start of this year my Mac lipstick collection has grown quite dramatically (from 3 to 8), I bought myself one of their Holiday kits which had three mini lipsticks and my brother very kindly treated me to two lipsticks! As you'll be able to see they are all nude shades and I thought this would be helpful for anyone looking for swatches of nude Mac lipsticks, as I spent a long time trying to find blog posts just like this!

Cocktail Kiss (matte), Boca (satin), Kinda Sexy (matte)

Brave (satin), Velvet Teddy (matte), Mehr (matte), Twig (satin), Clouds in my coffee (liptensity)

 Cocktail Kisses, Boca, Kinda Sexy
Brave, Velvet Teddy, Mehr, Twig & Clouds in my coffee

In the packaging the lipsticks look very similar so I decided to swatch them all together to help you see the difference and choose which nude colour to choose.

For a 90s nude with a brown undertone Velvet Teddy and Clouds In My Coffee are your best bet. The latter is a liptensity product and it has great colour pay off and longevity.

For a pretty natural pink Brave, Mehr, Twig and Cocktail Kisses are all fab choices. The satin finishes give a more natural easy look, whilst the mattes create a more 'I'm definitely wearing pink lipstick' look.

For a peachy nude Kinda Sexy is your go to.

Finally for something really natural, which basically feels and looks like you're wearing nothing but you have a healthy glow your best bet is Boca!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Let me know what your favourite Mac nude lipstick is!


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Beauty | BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight 'Moonstone' Review

When I went to DisneyLand Paris I popped into Sephora and treated myself to a Becca highlight. I am sure that you've all seen this shimmery powder of goodness floating around the blog-asphere and it's been on my wish list for a long time, so I took the financial plunge and treated myself!

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight 'Moonstone' £32 LINK

The packaging looks nice but the matte black edges and metallic top do get very dirty! I do also struggle a little with opening the lid, but then I can't open most doors so that could just be me!

Moonstone 'A pale, incandescent gold that illuminates the complexion' 

I spent a crazy amount of time swatching all of the highlights in the store trying to decipher which one was a healthy glow and which one was I just got hit in the face by a Unicorns tail and after many umms and ahhhs I went with Moonstone. This is the third lightest shade of highlight but the first of the lightest shades to have a more natural glowy tan finish, the other two were much brighter white/pink and more obvious.

I absolutely love the whole highlight trend but at the same time I try to create a very natural matte finish, so I tend to use this sparingly on the tops of my cheekbones and if I am feeling more adventurous it does sometimes find itself on my brow bone too! I normally use a fan brush to apply it but if you want to make more impact you can pack this stuff on with your fingers to get the ultimate glow.

I am very pleased with this purchase and with my limited makeup skills and for the natural healthy look I aim and hope to the makeup angels that I will achieve, it definitely does its job nicely!  Let me know if you have any BECCA highlights and what you think of them!