Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Lifestyle | How to wrap a wedding gift beautifully

This April I am off to a wedding and I haven't been to one since I was a child (and was a bridesmaid), so I am rather excited! I also love any excuse to go gift shopping and then spend a relaxing afternoon wrapping the gifts. So I thought I'd share with you how I decided to wrap this wedding gift and hopefully it shall give you some creative ideas! 

Before we get to the wrapping stage think of the shape of your gift, if it's a strange shape then perhaps pop it into a gift box so it's easier to wrap.

Of course the wrapping paper is the main part of the wrapping process and I went for this fun 'bring out the prosecco' paper from Paperchase. For better quality paper choose a sheet instead of buying a roll as they tend to look and feel more luxurious.

A ribbon is vital around every gift! I chose this white one with a gold trim as it's very bridal. This ribbon was in a pack of three from Paperchase Christmas range.

It's time to add some shine and this year I've been loving using present toppers. It's definitely a pricier way of wrapping a gift, so think if the person you're giving it to is either the sentimental kind that will keep all the little knick-kacks or the kind who will rip it open and chuck it all away! I used these disco balls from, yes you guessed it, Paperchase and a little silver glitter bell from Sainsburys. 

I then slipped a little postcard underneath the ribbon which has a gorgeous vintage print of a boy and girl and I wrote the couples names underneath. This postcard again was a Paperchase find, they have a huge variety to choose from and are a cute way to make your gift look that little bit more special. If you're also not wanting to write a card you could actually use it as a postcard and write a short message on it.

I am assuming they'll be a lot of gifts given so just in case the card gets removed from the gift I've added a tiny luggage tag saying who got it!

There we are, that's the gift all wrapped up, with the amount of ribbon and decorations it will take awhile for them to actually get to see what's inside! I also popped it inside a gift bag (which you can see in the first photograph) from Sainsburys and I've got a lovely card from Oliver Bonas.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have some creative ideas on how to wrap your gifts!


Sunday, 8 April 2018

Lifestyle | Case Station Avocado print phone Case*

Case Station very kindly offered me the opportunity to design my own phone case and I jumped at the chance! I have a rose gold Iphone SE and I love to change it up by swapping the phone case to match my outfit or the occasion. I'll never use my phone without a case because I fear of dropping it and smashing the screen, so Case Station are the perfect solution to get a personalised case which is sturdy enough to protect my phone!

Case Station can create cases for Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and Huawei phones, as well as Apple watch straps and Ipad cases. 

 When choosing to create your case the first decision is whether you want a normal snap on case, which is slim and light, a tough case which has a dual layer for extra protection, or finally a wallet style so you can store your cards etc. I decided to design a tough case as I wanted to make it practical for holidays, when you're taking your phone out constantly to take pictures and are more likely to drop it! As you can see the case completely covers the sides of the phone and there is a rim around the screen. Next you can decide if you want a matte or glossy finish.

Then it comes to the fun part of designing it! You can have one image covering the entire case or you can choose to create a layout and add multiple pictures. It's really easy to upload images from your Laptop, Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox and if you're struggling for ideas they also have a huge choice of their own artwork to choose from.

I spent ages thinking of different ideas and I designed quite a few before deciding to simplify it and choose a quirky image from pinterest HERE.

The case arrived in a couple of days and was delivered in a lovely box and tucked inside a felt wallet was the actual case I designed! The packaging makes it a perfect gift idea and a special treat for yourself.

So there we are here's my lovely phone case of Avocado dreams!

If you subscribe to Case Station HERE they're currently offering £5 off your order, so it's definitely time to go and treat yourself and your friends to a new phone case!


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Lifestyle | Disneyland Paris x Disney & Sephora Haul

There was no way I could go to Disneyland Paris and come away empty handed, it would have been plain rude, and I've been brought up to have good manners! So here is what I bought in Disney and let me tell you I was really restrained as there were quite a few plushies which I'd have liked to have given a home too!

The first purchase was lanyards as we wanted somewhere to put our pins and the plastic wallet was ideal for our park tickets, hotel room key and our tickets for breakfast etc. We shall be keeping these for future trips!

My big purchase was this lovely grey sweatshirt, I've seen this a lot online and was hoping to find it! It's only in the mens and starts in a small so it is slightly oversized, it was in plenty of shops though so it was easy to find!

I already have a few pins and wanted to add to my collection so I bought myself the 2018 one to remember out holiday. Tom got me the little  French Minnie and I bought Tom Mickey Mouse and I bought my brother a pin of the castle!

Tom bought these two Disney glasses, which strangely match glasses we have but have the addition of Mickey Mouse! I got the cup in the middle from a mocktail and it lights up, what more could I want!?

We got given these cowboy hats at the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, depending on where you were seated the colour changed.

Of course we had to buy ears, they're just so cute! They had a good selection of ears to choose from including princess ones, sequin ears and bride ones. We both went for classic ears as we knew we wouldn't get bored of them!

Food wise I bought Disney pasta for us and my grandparents, some chewy Disney sweets to take to work and then we got tons of these little dark chocolate slabs for free at out hotel! 

We also kept the little toiletries which are beyond cute and I'll be able to refill them with my own products for future holidays! Then I also kept the light up cube which was in my cocktail!

We spent a couple of hours at a shopping centre close by to the Disney Parks (10 min taxi journey) for the main purpose of going to the supermarket and going to Sephora! I absolutely love that shop and was so excited to check it out and damage was done. I picked up a face mask and two eye masks as I've been bought these before as a gift and absolutely loved them! I feel like they won't be used for awhile as I'll be sad once I don't have anymore! I then bought a small Nars creamy concealer as I've only seen good reviews about it! Then finally I bought a Becca highlighter because this stuff is crazily amazing and as it is that little bit more pricey I would never buy it for myself at home!

So there we, that's everything I bought in the Park and Sephora! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you have any of the above!