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Lifestyle | What's in my Carry-On/ Hand Luggage Bag for a Flight

I thought I'd stick with the travel theme of my last post and share with you the typical things I pack in my hand luggage bag for a flight. I hope you enjoy my hang luggage packing tips too!


Train Tickets
Camera Charger
Phone Charger
Holiday Documentations


Notebook and Pen
Ear Phones


Baseball Cap
Makeup in clear bag

When I was younger I used to carry a crazy amount of stuff in my hand luggage bag, I think part of me was anxious about having my things far away in a suitcase and I also wanted to have tons of things to entertain me on the flight. I now try to keep it to the minimum so that the bag is a lot lighter to carry and I have less to be able to lose! I do keep important things such as medication, chargers, phone/camera and then delicate things like my baseball cap, make-up and sunglasses on me for practical reasons. 

I thought most of you would be most interested in seeing what I keep in that magical clear plastic bag. If you're not aware airports have a strict rule that you have to place all your liquids into a clear plastic bag and they all must be under 100ml.

I like to carry a few skincare/health related items, these are also really good for giving me something to do on the plane if I get a tad bored! First up I love this Nivea Age Defying Q10 hand-cream, it smells amazing and feels like a luxurious moisturising cream. I also shall be bringing the Elizabeth Arden eight Hour Cream, this has a gel consistency and I use this as a lip balm, it's incredibly moisturising so perfect for the plane. I also like to carry some anti-bacterial as I find being on a flight is where I normally pick up a cold etc so anything I can do to prevent that shall be done! Finally I shall be taking with my eye drops as I suffer from really dry eyes and the atmosphere on the plane isn't overly helpful for that!

I don't apply makeup for or on the flight but I like to carry some bits with me as I have quite a few delicate powders and glass bottles which I fear will get broken in my case. The rest of my makeup goes into my suitcase.

In my plastic bag I have

The Body Shop BB Cream
The Body Shop Foundation
The Body Shop Bronzer
Nars Blush
L'Oreal Powder
Soap and Glory Eyebrow Pencil
Benefit Gimme Brow
Marc Jacobs Mascara
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick
Collection Concealer

Tips for packing your hand luggage bag

  1. Choose a bag which has sections so you can find documents etc quickly.
  2. Put a luggage tag onto your hand luggage bag for safety.
  3. Carry with you delicate items such as your phone, camera, ipad etc
  4. Carry with you the correct chargers for each electrical item.
  5. Make sure to pack all your pills, inhaler etc.
  6. Have your liquids ready in a plastic bag as it saves a lot of time and hassle.
  7. Save samples from magazines and goody bags as they're great for taking on the plane.
  8. Make a choice of one reading material to take with and pack another in your suitcase.
  9. In addition to taking currency for the country you're going to, take some for the country you're leaving from for the airport.
  10. Even though I do use a passport case, they always ask me to take my passport out of it which does take more time, so perhaps don't use one!

I hope you enjoyed having a look into what I normally pack in my hand luggage bag!


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