Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fashion | Fashion Pins from Flying Tiger

I don't know when pins became a 'thing', I feel it's linked to the rise of the emoji merchandise! I have always been a huge fan of customisation and adding some fun pins to a jacket or bag is going to elevate your outfit to another level! So today I am sharing with you some cool inexpensive pins from Flying Tiger. Originally known solely as Tiger, they've now changed their name to Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

If you haven't been to Flying Tiger before, you must, so after reading this post and following me on Bloglovin HERE make sure to check where your nearest store is location. It's filled with random inexpensive things that you had no idea you needed!

They have tons of different sets of pins to choose for and after much deliberation these are the ones I chose! The sets are £2 for 3 pins! I think it's worth checking back regularly to see if they get new ones, I did notice a few sets had some of the same pins with only 1 different, so that makes it harder to choose! My favourite ones are the coffee cup, cocktail and peace hand sign.

I am planning on putting these on a denim jacket or maybe a rucksack, I'd love to know your thoughts!


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