Sunday, 19 February 2017

Beauty | L.A Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Review

I am a girl who loves glitter so this whole highlighting and strobing fad is right down my street, in which I ride proudly on my pink unicorn. I am also a girl on a budget, so I took a mooch in beautybase, a discount beauty store, and picked up this L.A Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder for £7.99 and here are my thoughts...

First up as usual let's chat about the packaging. It's very lightweight even though it's rather bulky looking. I love the colours chosen and I also really appreciate that the top section is clear, as it's easy to see the colour inside! There is a lot of product inside and I can see this lasting a very long time, thankfully.

The shade I went for is '70 watt' which is the only one with a pink undertone. I spent a long time in the store swatching all of the shades on my hand and to be honest they all blended into each other and looked the same, this also resulted in me leaving the store looking like Edward Cullen had sneezed on my hand. I'd say the only thing to look out for is if the speckles of glitter are silver or gold for the kind of look you want.

This has such good colour pay off and you really only need the tiniest amount on your brush to create a lovely shine! Isn't it peculiar we spend all that time mattifying our T-Zone and setting our foundation and then we cake our face with glitter for a 'natural' glow. It's a great product to play around with because you can create a subtle look or a glistening shine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing a new brand on my blog! I am guessing by the brand name this is a normal find in an American drugstore.

Last but not least if you want to see this in a make-up look check out the picture I uploaded on my Instagram @greatestformofflatteryblog 


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