Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Curling my hair with Jose Eber

Jose Eber Signature Series 13mm Curling Iron  $300  here

Seeing as it's the Summer holiday from University I've got a bit more time on my hands and I decided to experiment with my hair. I have long blonde/brown hair which I normally straighten and then pin back the front section just for practicality, rather than any fancy hair style going through my mind! So I popped out my curling tong which is the Jose Eber signature series 13mm curling iron in charcoal, rolls off the tongue really. If you recognise the name that's because Jose Eber is one of the most recognised hair stylist in Beverly Hills.

I've never got on with a curling wand until trying this one out due to my hair just not holding the curls, this one gets really hot so comes with a protective glove to wear and makes my hair stay in curls all day and overnight. There is no clip on the wand which is different to most curling wands and makes your curls look a lot more natural as you can begin them closer to your roots. Also means you have no flat clamp marks from the clip holding your hair. It's a really easy tool to use, just hold in one hand and with the other wrap a section of hair round. I tend to count to 10 and then let go of the hair to reveal a ringlet. 

Moroccan Oil £24.99 here
TREsemme Hear Protection £5.25 here
Crab Clips £3.59 no longer in pink here

I also use a few products whilst curling my hair, firstly I apply Moroccan Oil to the tips, then I spray TREsemme Heat Protection all over my hair. To make it easier to cope with the huge amount of hair I have I section my hair off with crab clips, which are obviously fabulous and pink.

Okay so the part you've been waiting for.... here are the pictures of curly haired Sophie (me)!

I'd say it made my hair around 3 inches shorter than when it's naturally straight. I really like the way it turned out, I shall do some research on other hairstyles for curly hair to see how to style it after. I could see myself doing this again but I need around an hour to give myself time to do it all properly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you use this curling wand or how you style your curly hair?



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