Tuesday, 14 May 2013

MoroccanOil *

Just to say I didn't get sent this to review but when I renewed my subscription for Vogue I was sent this with it. It's great to have something sent that's actually being raved about in the blogging world and something I'd never buy myself, due to the price. So onto my mini review of the MoroccanOil.

Moroccon Oil - £30*
MoroccanOil 'one of the world's best hair care brands, MoroccanOil is a global phenomenon, with cult following that span through the generations and cultures to get beautiful results every time. Containing Argan Oil, a unique product of the Moroccan land, that instantly and intensely replenishes your hair and leaves your with smooth and desirable hair.' Link .
So what do I do with this product? I only need one pump for my hair (which is thick and just below shoulder length). I comb it through my hair when it's wet. It makes your hair dry faster as it absorbs the water and it makes your hair incredibly smooth and shiny. I think it's extremely over priced so when it does run out I won't be buying it again but it's a lovely treat for your hair. I nearly forgot, it smells amazing!!! I find myself sniffing my hair throughout the day *yep I know slightly strange*
So I do love this product and highly recommend it, the only bad thing is the price tag :(


  1. Their Moroccan oil is amazing. Only thing ive found similar is the Josie Maran one at Sephora :)

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  2. They don't have sephora in london :(

  3. This is such a great magazine subscription gift! I love Moroccan oil I think it is amazing, I usually repurchase it when they put it on Buyapowa to save a bit of money :) xx


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