Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back to college nail art..

Finally I am back to college with today being my enrolment for year 2, so I deceided to create some 'back to college/school' nail art ! I focussed on two school things, one being a pencil and two writng paper.This is actually quite a simple design to do so keep on reading and I will explain how to do it;

The colours I used;

Nails Inc - 'notting hill carnival' , Collection 2000 - Black Liqourise , Collection 2000 - French White, Rimmel- Top Coat , Rimmel - sweet as sugar, Rimmel- Rose Libertine, Elf- Light pink, Elf- Dessert Haze, Nails Inc -Wellington Square and Gabrini- Silver 321.
So here's what to do;
1) On the nails which will have the top of the pencil paint a traingle shape with the beige paint. Then fill in a small section at the top with black for the lead of the pencil. Next you're ready to paint the bottom yellow. With a toothpick/nail dotter create the zig zag shape at the top of the yellow section. Finally use the orange to draw lines on the yellow.
2) For the bottom of the pencil paint the end nearest your cuticle yellow then a small strip of silver just above and finally the top the light pink for the rubber. Using the orange draw the lines onto the yellow.
3) Finally for the paper design paint your whole nail white. Then using a pale blue paint thin stripes going across leaving quite a gap near your cuticle. Then on the left hand side draw a red line going down, this is the margin.
4) Add a top coat over your whole design and you're done !!

I hope you like this design - Don't forget to comment :)


  1. Oh my god, that's the cutest thing I've seen today. =)

  2. Those are so cute! I wish i could do my nails that good!


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